Welcome to Inside.Vet, the intranet portal at Penn Vet.

This web site is exclusively for the use of Penn Vet students, staff, and faculty.

This portal allows Penn Vet staff, faculty, and students an entry point to enterprise and hospital applications, news, email, calendars, discussions, and collaborative resources.

You will need a valid Penn Vet domain account (username and password) to enter.

For Penn Vet faculty, staff, and students simply looking for our "quick" links, they are listed here for easy access:

To access other resources, you will need to access Inside.Vet through our VPN (Virtual Private Network) entitled Outside.Vet in order to view Inside.Vet web pages from a non Penn Vet computer (whether at home, via wireless access, while traveling, or otherwise).

Click here to access Outside.Vet

This VPN access is the same as many of you already use to get secure access to hospital applications. Our remote access tool, Outside.Vet is easy to use and is made available to all Penn Vet community members (students, staff, and faculty) through web access. While at home, travel, or through wireless network access, simply point your web browser to https://outside.vet.upenn.edu and log in to the application with your Vet domain credentials. Once connected, you simply click on the links presented within Outside.Vet to get secure connectivity. All of the links that you click through and/or all of the applications that you access are secure (no one can see your data traffic) after your login.

Use Outside.Vet to access Penn Vet computing resources from off-campus.

A Virtual Private Network is a secured private network connection built on top of the Internet. A VPN provides a secure encrypted connection as ‘tunnel’ over the public Internet between an individual computer (such as a computer at home, off campus, or on wireless network) and a private network (such as Penn Vet’s network domain). Use of the VPN allows members of the Penn Vet community to securely access network resources as if you were on campus. Outside.Vet as secure tunnel encrypts the transfer of data (passwords, files, confidential patient information, etc) while connected.

If you need technical support or help on any of the above then please contact the IT Group:

PHL: (215) 573-4236
NBC: (610) 444-5800 Ext. HELP (4357)


PHL: Rosenthal 128
NBC: Widener Hospital